California Penal Code 832 Powers of Arrest 1299 Certification
Penal Code 1299.04 (2) 40 Hour Bounty Hunter Certification Classes


PENAL CODE 1299.04


(a) A bail fugitive recovery person, a bail agent, bail permittee, or bail solicitor who contracts his or her services to another bail agent or surety as a bail fugitive recovery person for the purposes specified in subdivision (d) of Section 1299.01, and any bail agent, bail permittee, or bail solicitor who obtains licensing after January 1, 2000, and who engages in the arrest of a defendant pursuant to Section 1301 shall comply with the following requirements:

(1) The person shall be at least 18 years of age.

(2) The person shall have completed a 40-hour power of arrest course certified by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training pursuant to Section 832. Completion of the course shall be for educational purposes only and not intended to confer the power of arrest of a peace officer or public officer, or agent of any federal, state, or local government, unless the person is so employed by a governmental agency.

(3) The person shall have completed a minimum of 20 hours of classroom education certified pursuant to Section 1810.7 of the Insurance Code.

(4) The person shall not have been convicted of a felony, unless the person is licensed by the Department of Insurance pursuant to Section 1800 of the Insurance Code.

(b) Upon completion of any course or training program required by this section, an individual authorized by Section 1299.02 to apprehend a bail fugitive shall carry certificates of completion with him or her at all times in the course of performing his or her duties under this article.


PENAL CODE 1299.01 subsection (d)


 “Bail fugitive recovery person” means a person who is provided written authorization pursuant to Sections 1300 and 1301 by the bail or depositor of bail, and is contracted to investigate, surveil, locate, and arrest a bail fugitive for surrender to the appropriate court, jail, or police department, and any person who is employed to assist a bail or depositor of bail to investigate, surveil, locate, and arrest a bail fugitive for surrender to the appropriate court, jail, or police department.


(Added by Stats. 2012, Ch. 747, Sec. 1. Effective January 1, 2013.)

How Important is Arrest and Control Training in Bounty Hunting?  Please See the Below Video Wherein Rex Venator, a Former Police Academy Tactical Officer, Applied PC 832 P.O.S.T. Academy Approved “Compliance” Techniques to Subdue the Profiled Bail Jumper Before Help Could Arrive to Assist in the Bail Apprehension.

THE PC 832 40 HOUR Powers or Laws of Arrest Course is 50% of the legally required certifications for the vast majority of persons wishing to legally bounty hunt in California, and, very bluntly stated, I am growing increasingly fatigued by the ongoing reports from Bailspeak Alumni indicating that certain key personnel at various organizations offering the course are presenting as insensitive, “holier than thou,” bothered, and, as this state of intolerable affairs continues, allow me these very small concessions for Bailspeak Alumni only: California Powers of Arrest P.O.S.T. Approved College PC 832 40 Hour Powers of Arrest Monday through Friday Certification classes specially set aside for Bailspeak Alumni rosters of 15 to 25 Attendees for both aspiring bounty hunters AND  bail agents licensed after January 1, 2000 who are not licensed private investigators.


Unlike other organizations, Bailspeak Alumni will not be required to take the PC 832 Firearms portion, but I strongly suggest doing so if one has little to no firearms training or experience with firearms.


Unlike other organizations, Bailspeak Alumni will not have to worry about classes maxing out or classes getting cancelled; indeed, by and through special arrangements by Bailspeak, additional defensive tactics instructors will be brought in to accommodate Bailspeak Alumni overflow with classes kept small.


Interested?  Here is how to get on “The List.”


Bailspeak Alumni who have spent 22 hours in class with me as the bail agent pre-licensing instructor may private message me or Bailspeak on Facebook or by my direct email (Bailspeak Alumni have my personal business card) and provide the following: Your Name, Date and City of Your Bailspeak Class, Contact Phone or Cell Number, and Your Email Address.  From there you will be contacted on how to proceed to sign up for the class. 


Be mindful that there will most likely be travel and lodging expenses to consider, so don’t sign up if you can’t commit to a Monday through Friday academic and very physical class.


This offer is ONLY for Bailspeak Alumni, and please do not call the Bailspeak Registrar to sign up because this is a “Mothersuaresrex” special, solo project to respond to too many reports of “my people” not being treated with the respect they deserve—too many credible reports have prompted this action.


Thank you and I hope this works because the “holier than thou” crowd, in my personal opinion, should have treated “my people” with the good manners and the respect they deserve.


This is a pilot program in service of Bailspeak Alumni; let’s make it work.


Facebook is not connected to my cell, and I am always working.  I will check in and get back to interested persons accordingly.


Rocking the status quo establishment is a hallmark of how I operate.


Thank you for your time on this Facebook Post ~ Rex



Q: How much does the course cost?


A: The 5-Day Monday through Friday Powers of Arrest course is $115.00 collected at-the-door, and students will have to secure their course materials in advance at a cost of approximately $46.00.  Bailspeak Alumni will be contacted by email with further information on how to secure their seats with deposits or pay-at-the-door, though admittance isn’t guaranteed absent the seat security deposit.


Q: Where is the class?


A: Attendees will be advised of where the class is in advance so that lodging arrangements can be made well in advance.  The cryptic nature of this answer is due to the fact that bounty hunters and bail bondsmen are generally very concerned about personal security and Bailspeak understands and respects these valid concerns.


Q: Is the firearms portion of the 832 required to be a bounty hunter?


A: No; however, if one has never handled a firearm or if one is purely military trained and experienced then it is suggested that students consider taking the firearms portion of the PC 832 Course; nevertheless, the firearms portion is NOT required to become a bounty hunter.


Q: How much is lodging in the area where the class will be?


A: Bailspeak is currently working on a Special Bailspeak Student Rate at a Hilton rated hotel.


Q: I am not a Bailspeak Alumni, and other PC 832 Courses are full well into the middle of the following year.  May I sign up and get into the 40 Hour Laws of Arrest Courses?


A: No.  This PC 832 Class offering is only for Bailspeak Alumni, and it is important to keep the seats open for Bailspeak Alumni only so that they don’t find themselves put off by other PC 832 class offerings into the next calendar year.


Q: I am a Bailspeak Alumni.  How do I get on “The List” for this PC 832 40 Hour Powers of Arrest Course?


A: Send Rex a private message on the Bailspeak Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Facebook page with your Name, Date of Bailspeak Class, Location of Bailspeak Class, Email Address, and Telephone Number.  This information is already in the Bailspeak hardcopy files of Bailspeak Alumni, so any person who does not submit this information will not be added to “The List.”


Q:  I am a bail agent.  Why do I have to take this course?


A: Any person who is not a licensed private investigator, was licensed after January 1, 2000, does his or her own bounty hunting, and who has never taken the PC 832 Powers of Arrest Course is required by California Law to secure and carry this legally required certification on them while bounty hunting.


For further information, please see California Bounty Hunting Laws HERE




Witness the below Remarkable video wherein Rex Briefs a Veteran and Street Training Team of Bounty Hunters with an Astounding Intel Dump of Information Collected long Before ever setting out to Knock on Doors in Search of a Wanted Felony Bail Bond Fugitive with numerous Felony Warrants issued by a superior court.

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Real Student Quotes about This Bail Training School’s Classroom Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Portion of the Bounty Hunting Training Program as Written by the Students


“Instructor is very knowledgeable.  Very interactive.  Great course!”


“I learned a lot about law, very informative.  I think it was great and so was the instructor!”


“ Depth of information not typical of most courses.  Good, lively atmosphere, engaged learning.”


“Everything was very helpful and Rex kept it interesting.”


“Good instructor.  Instructor experience.”


“Very professional and knowledgeable.  I loved how it was related to actual events that pertained to real life.  I don’t have any dislikes!  Very professional.”


“Lectures and handouts!”


“How Rex brought in real life situations to the codes.  Thank you for bringing light on all codes.  I was lost, Rex found me.”


“Kept me awake.”


“So much good info!  See you next time!”


“Learned a lot.”


“Everything covered during the weekend was very helpful. I had a bit of knowledge on bail but now I know more than perplexed on both bail and bounty hunting.  All the personal experiences and stories.”


“I loved everything about this course, very detailed.  As well as thorough!  Rex Venator is a great instructor and very good at what he does!”


“Rex sense of humor and patience.”


“Small class, very thorough lectures.  Great class. Breaks were nice.”


“Great and interactive class.  Very informative and great teaching style.  Very easy to learn and understand.  Instructor created a fun learning experience.  I usually don’t do well in class, but Rex made it very interactive and interesting. “




“Rex made it flawlessly understandable.  Rex is very professional and resourceful in all material.”


“Rex is very knowledgeable and helped me learn a lot.  Always answered questions made me want to take the bail agent test.”


“[I liked] How organized the instructor was and how helpful the material handouts are.”


“Excellent instructor!  Made information relevant.”


“[I liked learning] knowledge that will keep me safe and out of jail.”


“The in depth explanation of bail and consequences.”


“Everything about the bail bonds and bounty hunting was great!”


THE CHECK FOR $7,000.00  was made with a total of seven (7) hours of actual operational remedies that included drive time from and to the Office; that is $1,000.00 an hour to leave, talk a very dangerous wanted felony bail fugitive out of an attic, and follow the police back to the their station to get my handcuffs back!


BOUNTY HUNTING is unlike any other trade that I can think of, but is also an amazingly difficult way to get started and turn the red ledgers into black ledgers.


In all fairness, I did do about a week of surgery (my personal term for pre-investigation) to isolate which of three (3) counties and a dozen or so addresses that the bail fugitive, who scared away an in-house team of investigators with a gun who then all took to fishing for a week on the company’s dime, was believed to be frequenting.  We got lucky and made contact on the first “knock.”


Conversely, I’ve spent months traveling vast distances, knocking on dozens and dozens of doors in search of just one (1) wanted felony bail fugitive, but that is the job—for better or worse, it is the amazing job.


Today, I will routinely return telephone calls and hear people declare with the utmost conviction that they want to be bounty hunters, but when they learn that the California Department of Insurance 20 Hour Bail Agent mandatory training certificate classes are an hour or two away the aforementioned tones of conviction sometimes fade and with a very common reply: “Oh.  That’s too far.  Isn’t there anything closer?”


Here I’d like to bring the reader’s attention to some SERIOUS DUDES.  Pictured are Bailspeak Alumni, ranging from all over California, who did what it took to travel and get their mandatory 20 Hour Bailspeak Certificates and then did it again to take the mandatory five (5) day California Penal Code 832 40 Hour Powers of Arrest course in the first steps to become bounty hunters.


The operative term I’d like the reader to consider in the above paragraph is “...who did what it took...” in terms of time, travel, expense, and personal sacrifice, because THAT is What it Takes to even think of Becoming a Bounty Hunter.


Each PC 1299 Compliant Bailspeak Alumni pictured did not TELL how serious they were; they SHOWED it without speaking a word; THAT is what it Takes to be a Bounty Hunter.


I’d like to wrap here by extending my congratulations to California’s Newest Bounty Hunters who “did what it took,” and the unaffiliated independents should consider firing me off their resumes because I’ve some killer leads on some killer full-time jobs and with all the perks that go with such bounty hunting positions.


Bravo, Gentlemen!


P.C. 832 Laws of Arrest, Search and Seizure & Control

This Course is a one (1) Unit Course through a college.

Please Scroll Down to Frequently Asked Questions for More Information.

Please also Note that this offer is only available for Bailspeak Alumni.