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How to Start a Bail Bond Company Synopsis


It is strongly suggested that anyone thinking about opening up a bail bond agency first have small business experience.  A bail bond company as a first small business venture may become highly problematic and very quickly.


Those who have a successful history of running retail stores or other lines of insurance companies may all experience a more tranquil transition either starting a new bail bond business or returning to self-employment by and through posting bonds at his or her local jails.


Lastly, having worked for an existing bail bond agency as a licensed bail agent or licensed bail enforcement agent is a good way to learn more about what is being considered.


The following is a snapshot of things to consider before taking action and then suggested courses of action to follow up on.


Step One: Study your local bail demand and bail agency competition.  It is important to learn as much as is possible about the bail market in your intended area of operation.


Step Two: Take time to learn the requirements and qualifications to secure a California Bail Agent license.


Step Three: Enroll in a California State Approved Bail Education certification course that focuses on what you need to know in order to pass the State Bail Exam and operate a bail bond agency within all applicable California Legal Authorities.


Step Four: Take and pass the extremely difficult California Bail Exam


Step Five: Apply with a surety, and a list of sureties is below for consideration.


Step Six: Submit the application to advance in the bail agent licensing process AFTER securing a surety that will appoint you.


Step Seven: Enroll in a Penal Code §832 40-Hour Powers of Arrest Course that legally required for bail agents who have any contact with Bail Fugitive Recovery Agents.


Step Eight: Clear the background and receive notification that your license has gone active.


The above is an extremely rudimentary description of how to start, and a more advanced and detailed way to get started in bail bonds is taught at all Bailspeak classes as required by the California Department of Insurance Education Objectives.


Some Sureties that may Transact Bail in California


(Not Bailspeak Endorsed - For Informational Purposes Only)


American Surety Company

P.O. Box 68932

Indianapolis, IN 46268


250 East 96th Street Ste. 202

Indianapolis, IN 46240


Phone: (317) 875-8700

Fax: (317) 875-0859


* * *

Lexington National Insurance Corporation

11426 York Road, 2nd Floor

Cockeysville, Maryland 21030


Toll Free: 888-888-2245

Office: 410-625-0800


* * *

AIA Surety

1 Baxter Way, Suite 130

Westlake Village, CA 91362


Phone: (800) 935-2245

Fax: (818) 449-7100


* * *

Fire Casualty & Surety, Inc

3131 Eastside Street, Suite 250

Houston, Texas 77098


Phone: 877-737-2245

Fax: 713-351-8401




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