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Expert Bail Witness, Rex Venator, began teaching several classes a day as an advancing martial artist in the late 70s, and Rex continued to teach, in the 80s and '90s, while also gaining his training and experience in military and civilian law enforcement.


The Critical Response Training Academy was conceived in 1994 and fully activated in 1997 wherein a one-day lawful bounty hunting seminar was followed by 72 hours of Street Training of new bounty hunters.

This was the catalyst for Bailspeak, and the Bailspeak Street Training Program is currently in operation today.


By 2006, Rex had become a published author, and instructional DVD producer, and was on his way to become a nationally recognized bail convention guest speaker.


In 2007, while also speaking at the PBUS and later Bail USA Conventions, Rex independently conceptualized, wrote the curriculum for, gained California Department of Insurance Approval for a new Brand of revolutionary bail education, and ultimately founded the hugely successful California bail education school, Bailspeak.


The next natural progression for Rex was to respond to the thousands of telephone calls since 2008 by people from all over America who were requesting online Bailspeak courses, which are now going, well, online.


By early 2010, Rex had appeared on British News and Croatian TV, and he appeared in the French documentary "US Marshals: The Big Business of Fugitives", and his Internet videos have been viewed over 3,500,000 times via various sites.


From 2010 to 2018, Rex has helped numerous persons, with no experience in the bail bonds business, launch their own bail bond companies as a General Agent for two nationally known Sureties.


In 2011, Rex had become a TASER Certified Instructor “Authorized” by TASER to certify bounty hunters in the use of Conducted Electrical Weapons, sat on a California Department of Insurance Ad Hoc Bail Advisory Board Sub Committee on bail pre-licensing and its bail exam, and Rex became recognized as an expert witness in both federal and state matters concerning bounty hunting and bail bonds.


In June of 2017, Rex appeared on the hugely popular Watchables show, "Cholos Try..." by the Mitú Entertainment Network.


Today, nearly 5,500 people have earned their Bailspeak Certificates and are now Bailspeak Alumni; indeed, Rex continuously travels as a bail education instructor and National Guest Speaker including a recent speaking engagement in Nashville, Tennessee; moreover, Rex’s work as a California Superior Court Expert Witness in Bail matters has skyrocketed, and the major bail bond job recruiters turn to Bailspeak and Rex for the training of their new hires and have taken action to make Bailspeak their exclusive source of California Bail Education barring emergencies.


Rex launched the Special Access Program (SAP) YouTube Channel in January 2018 to provide, for free, critical information on many subjects including bounty hunting and bail bonds.


Rex's current, Top Secret, project is now underway and has been teased as the "Bail Instructor Academy," and he continues to receive queries from Reality TV producers to audition and shoot promos for a variety of show proposals.


At the time of this writing, Rex is the only, undisputed California bail education instructor with a long and ongoing history of legally running bail bond agencies, legally drafting bail bond motions as an appointed agent for various sureties, appearing in open court to argue bail motions, and lawfully bounty hunting on the lesser known mean-streets of California within the language and meaning of various Insurance Codes, Penal Codes, and Title 10 Code Sections.


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·       31 Years Bounty Hunting

·       30 Years Street Training

·       27 Years Bail Bond Company Owner

·       17 Years Bail Educator

·       20 Years Licensed Private Investigator

·       17 Years Expert Witness Experience

·       14 Years Law Enforcement

·       8 Years General Bail Agent

Rex Venator