Continuing Education - CDI Approval 172114

California Bail Fugitive Recovery Agents are required by law to complete 12 hours of continuing bail education during the two-year licensing period prior to renewal of the licenses. 


Bailspeak is the only state approved bail education provider that has created and introduced classroom bail enforcement agent specific continuing education with all new classes and updated topics for bounty hunters in California.


Classroom based continuing education for Bail Fugitive Recovery Agent license renewal is taught by Bailspeak's primary instructor, Rex Venator.  Please see Rex's professional biography to learn more about your instructor.


California State Licensed Bail Fugitive Recovery Agents "BFRAs" are tasked with specialized duties and responsibilities consistent with tracking, identifying, detaining, apprehending, transporting, and surrendering (booking in many cases) wanted felony fugitives who breached their private civil contracts with the bail bond agencies who assumed the liability to the hazards assumed.  Stated differently, BFRAs pursue, apprehend, and book bail jumpers as a service to the justice system.


It takes a lot of moxie to go into felony hazard environments with the intent to confront and arrest felonious bail jumpers, make no mistake; it isn't for everyone.  Only a special and rare man or woman dares to cross the vertical coffin "...where angels fear to tread," but BFRAs are no fools.


The following are available department of insurance approved continuing education, and more bounty hunting specific continuing education courses are under development at the time of this writing.


California Legal Authorities regarding

Bail Enforcement Agent's Lawful Rights


Approved for six (6) hours

Continuing Education


Appearing in California Superior Courts-Criminal

To be heard for Law and Motion


Approved for six (6) hours

Continuing Education


New Classes Coming Soon!


·       TASER Renewal Certification

·       The Art of Door Knocking

·       Arrest & Control Defensive Tactics

·       Transporting Bail Fugitives

·       No Surveillance Fugitive Recovery

·       and Etceteras


BAILSPEAK is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider now in its 18th year of continuous service the California Bail Bond Industries.



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The BAILSPEAK Adult Vocational School is a Top Tier California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider whose primary instructor, Rex Venator, is a veteran Fugitive Recovery Agent of 31 years, Bail Bond Company Owner of 28 years, Private Investigator of 20 years, and with over 14 years of prior military and civilian law enforcement experience.  Rex has personally instructed thousands of bail students since 1994! CDI Approval 172114