How to Become a Bounty Hunter is a common set of keywords used by those conducting Internet searches and who are wishing to delve into the art of Fugitive Recovery as a Bail Enforcement Agent.

One must take care to fully research any and all purporting to be affiliated with or teaching or otherwise running what is commonly called a Bounty Hunter School.

There are immediate “Red Flag” declarative statements, generally in writing but sometimes orally made, that should serve as cautionary axioms that fire up synapses between a person’s neurons with emphasis in the realm of strong warnings such as follows:

  • Bounty hunt in all 50 states—Legally Impossible!

  • Earn up to X amount of dollars yearly—Impossible to Individually Calculate!

  • Job Placement Available—Bail Simply Doesn’t work in this way!

  • Earn Your Bounty Hunting Degree—Un-accredited “degrees” may cost $60K!

  • Earn Your Degree Online—Costly and Unproven Effectiveness!

  • Join a “Network” for X amount—There is no known So-called “Network”

  • Criminal Justice Degree needed—See above “Red Flags”

So how does one become a bounty hunter?

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  1. Research the laws of the state you intend to bounty hunt in, if it is legal in your state at all, and seek out training and education in that precise state!  There is no known program that can train you in all of the states where there is commercial bail.

  2. Bounty Hunting is a Trade, like that of a carpenter, electrician, plumber, or machinist to the extent that one should strive to become an apprentice under a veteran bounty hunter who bounty hunts legally.

  3. There are many ways to become a bounty hunter, and the Red Flags noted above should be thoroughly investigated for veracity, legality, and reputation.

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